Aloha e mai kākou.

calvary by the sea montessori image     Thank you for considering Calvary by the Sea Montessori School in Hawai'i on the island of Oahu for your child. At Calvary, we offer a Christian, Montessori environment that encourages a natural curiosity and passion for learning.  

    Our goal at Calvary is to enrich the child's learning experience with a solid Montessori educational foundation. Our School currently serves children from the age of two through six years.     

    We also offer a summer program for currently enrolled children and for children who will be enrolling in the Fall. Separate Summer program enrollment is required.

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Our Philosophy

    Montessori education is distinguished by developing a nuturing environment, independence, confidence, and development of freedom and discipline. Our programs are designed using the Montessori philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori which emanates out of respect for the child. We offer each child a "prepared environment," which allows him or her to develop individually at their own pace, according to his/her potential in a non-competitive atmosphere.    

    As Dr. Montessori observed, the child from birth to six years has an "absorbent mind," is interested in facts, and has a need for "self-construction." Children internalize concepts through movement and repetition, the use of their senses, and the manipulation of concrete objects.

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Our Programs

Montessori students hule    Calvary by the Sea Montessori School offers a Toddler Program (2 yrs), Primary Program (ages 3-6 years), and Enrichment Programs. We also offer an after school program.    

    For the Toddler Program, the adult and child are co-workers in experiencing daily life. The adult in the environment is sensitive to the "teachable moments" and expands the experience to its fullest potential for learning.

    The Primary Program prepares the students for reading, writing, and mathematical concepts, as well as daily living skills, refining the senses and motor skills. On a daily basis, the child works individually, in small groups, and in large groups.

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About Us

    Calvary by The Sea Montessori School is a mission of Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church and is a vital part of the of the wider "O'hana" of Calvary. From time to time, children and families are invited to participate in "O'hana" events.  

    The school has been in existence since the church was founded in 1954. In 1978 the school adopted Montessori philosophy, curriculum and materials for a Primary program. In the Summer of 1986, the school began one of the first toddler programs in the state to accomodate the needs of more working parents.     

    We offer a quality licensed program, providing care for up to 75 children. Our toddler classroom can enroll up to 14 children and our primary classes can accommodate up to 61 children in total. Children are enrolled with balance in mind. We strive to maintain an equilibrium between ages and gender. Calvary accepts children of all races and religions.  

    Our staff is comprised of specially trained professional early childhood educators and is a recognized AMI/USA School and is licensed by the State of Hawai'i Department of Human Services.


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